• Russian desk

Russian desk

BDO Russian Desk mission statement:

Flexibility, creativity and reliability in our approach to Russian businesses in the Czech Republic

BDO Russian Desk vision:

Our vision is to be the leader for exceptional client service. Our aim is to anticipate your needs and be open-minded in our analysis, in this way providing the best outcome for you, our clients. We like our communication to be open and prompt and the teams we provide to always be equipped to keep our promises to the full.

  BDO Russian Desk aims:

  • to be a business partner for Russian businesses in the Czech Republic
  • to make constructive and effective solutions to any problems
  • to provide a link and effective co-ordination between Russian companies and local specialists
  • to provide a wide range of comprehensive services to our clients


By having a network of suitably qualified Russian-speaking professionals living and working in the Czech Republic we make sure we share the same cultural values with Russian clients and at the same time we fill the language and cultural gaps to support their business needs in the Czech Republic. By applying technology and knowledge management within the BDO international network we create value for our customers.

How are we different?

  • Qualified native Russian-speaking professionals make up our team, so that the team has a deep understanding of  European and Russian culture and the challenges you may face in the Czech Republic.
  • We understand and appreciate the needs of businesses and act in a flexible manner to ensure minimum operational disruption during engagements.
  • Our professional staff to partner ratio is lower than our major competitors, enabling more time for partners to be actively involved in the audit.
  • We can work with management in planning appropriate control procedures for their business. We use risk-mapping tools to identify the critical operational processes and associated risks to assist management with its corporate governance responsibilities.
  • We work alongside our technical team to ensure the early resolution of any issues.

Our strengths

  • A strong international network combined with an individual, local approach to each client.
  • A high level of input from senior managers and partners who know your business.
  • Service quality secured by a sophisticated system of a robust accreditation process and quality assurance review procedures across the entire BDO international network.
  • The standard of our software tools rank among the best in the sector
  • The possibility of using international experts with a wide range of specializations and the provision of comprehensive services for international companies and state-owned entities


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